For children in the age of 2+ years

In Scribble three men meet, every day and every day in the same place. Sometimes they gather, but never for a very long time. Sometimes they talk, but never with words. Three different men, who each do their own thing in their own peculiar ways. And still, there is something that connects them. Without them knowing they dream the same dream…

Scribble is a music performance where the worlds of sound and drawing meet, where there is a constant conversation between the colors of a clarinet and an oud and the interplay of lines of a drawing: a poetic encounter between two musicians and a draughtsman…

Scribble is a wordless performance.

A co-production of Alle Hoeken van de Kamermuziek and Festival 2 Turven Hoog.

Directed by Simone de Jong and music by Ned McGowan/Jaber Fayad/Rudi van Hest

Gerard de Bruyne – draughtsman (brush)
Jaber Fayad – oud
Rudi van Hest – clarinet and bass clarinet

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Technical rider
All the technical requirements, including the lighting plan, for Scribble you can find here.