Jaber Fayad – ud en compositie

Jaber was born in As-Suwayda, Syria, he started learning the Oud at a young age.

Jaber was born in As-Suwayda, Syria; he started learning the Oud at a young age. He left Syria after obtaining a bachelor’s degree in Oud, performing at the conservatory of Damascus. He then graduated cum laude with his master’s degree at Codarts, the conservatory of Rotterdam, with the pleasure of being taught composition by Mr Paul van Brugge.

Between the time he arrived in the Netherlands in 2015 and the time he obtained his master’s degree in 2022, Jaber has performed at many festivals, including the Dutch Harp, Wonderfeel, Le Guess Who Festivals, as well as performing at many stages, such as the Concertgebouw, Elbpheleharmony, Paradiso, and TivoliVredenburg. He performed in the interdisciplinary byshow Salam Noord-Nederlands Toneel and Asko/Schönberg. He also played as a soloist with Nederlands Blazers Ensemble, where they played one of his self-composed pieces, and with the Rotterdam Philharmonic orchestra in Dubai Expo 2021. He has published one EP called Sufi Taksims.

Jaber is considered a diverse and elastic musician. His Oud performance mirrors the range of his artistic influences and varying musical styles, such as Arabic music, Azerbaijani music and the vast and various principle of Ottoman traditional music.

After moving to The Netherlands, he was busy merging Middle Eastern and European styles. Jaber showcased the Beauty of the crossover between Middle Eastern music and Classical, Jazz and Flamenco music through his original compositions.

With Frisse Oren Jaber played in Kras. Currently he is writing the music for Wiegeling, the performance for babies in which he will also perform.