For children 1 to 3 years

A quiet, intense stacker and a nimble ‘knocker-overer’. The stacker sings his blocks up into the air, the knocker-overer drums them down. Pile [Stapel]is a wordless music production about discovery, building and demolition, with blocks and bricks as percussion instruments and a harp as the highest tower. An intuitive game of gravity and a playful journey of discovery full of musical building bricks.

The makers of Pile
Music: Daan Verlaan in close collaboration with Yung-Tuan Ku Direction and stage design: Malou van Sluis
Stage design and costumes: Udo Thijssen
Instrument construction: Bert van Bommel
Lighting design: Jeroen Kriek and Rudi van Hest

Daan Verlaan: harp and tenor
Yung-Tuan Ku: percussion

Practical information
duration: 30 minutes (including interaction)
company: 2 musicians and 1 technician
performance area: 6 x 10 metres (audience on stage)
get-in and warm-up: 2 hour get-out: 1 hour
pause between two performances: 45 minutes maximum audience per performance: 70
maximum number of performances per day (at one location): 3

Sales in Belgium
For sales in Belgium you can contact Theaterimpresariaat XL & Lapinne:
0032 – 09/281.10.05