For children 6 – 18 months

Rockaby is Frisse Oren’s ode to the lullaby.

In a soft, secure environment, a singer, a clarinettist and an oud player engage in musical encounters with the young audience and each other. Performers and audience abide together in specially designed scenery with abstract shapes that move, colourful lights and elements that make wonderful noises. Combined with music and performance from the Frisse Oren musicians, it ensures that Rockaby is a feast for the senses.

An Arabic lullaby from the childhood memories of the Syrian Jaber Fayad was the starting point for Rockaby, but in Jaber’s compositions, you hear the influence of music from around the world and from many different periods. The sounds stimulate the imagination and make you reminisce, with a smile, about places you may never have actually visited.

Rockaby’s makers
Music: Jaber Fayad
Direction: Anneke Wensink
Stage design: Theun Mosk | Ruimtetijd

Sterre Konijn: soprano
Rudi van Hest: clarinets
Jaber Fayad: oud

Practical information
Duration: 30 minutes
Production members: 3 musicians 1 technical operator
Performance area: yet to be specified
Get-in and warm-up: 3 hours
Minimum pause between performances: 45 minutes
Suitable for: children from 6 to 18 months
Maximum audience per performance: 60 persons (for example 35 adults and 25 babies)
Maximum number of performances per day (at one location): 3
Available from: September 2023

Technical requirements
The technical rider you can find here.

Sales in Belgium
For sales in Belgium you can contact Theaterimpresariaat XL & Lapinne:
0032 – 09/281.10.05