For children in the age of 3+ years

And stretch!
Yes, good, straighten up and fly right.
One leg up, one leg down, and then,
Quickly turn the corner!
Hoopla, an arm. Extend and charge.
Long, bend, flex, short and stop!

Wait, a tube…. no, a flute.
Steady as you go.
Walk stretched from left to right,
Play an extended note, and then….
Note gone, flute gone…

En then suddenly, two instruments, no, wait three…
Wait, hold on, four of them.
Small – elongate – long – hoot – BAM –
rrrrrrr – HO – off – on – PFFFF – stretch…

Stretch is a music performance, played by four musicians, in a straight, squarely world. Where things are being build and get torn down again, where everything is correctly adjusted and neatly folded. Within the lines. The place looks to be a musical building site… Then, suddenly, someone bends, takes a curvy turn. Draws his own plan and leaves the straight line. What do you do next?

Stretch is a music performance without spoken words, played by the Wervelwind Ensemble, for children in the age of 3 to 5 years and their parents and grandparents.

The ensemble also plays Twirl which was nominated for the Young Audiences Music Awards 2016, an international music prize for the best music productions for a young audience.

In collaboration with the Moving Academy for Performing Arts (MAPA) and in co-production with Festival 2Turven Hoog.

Oene van Geel is the musical director.

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